What Can a Website Copywriter Do for Your Business?


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Your website is the gateway to your business. But visitors will click away from your site as quickly as they arrive if they don't get the user experience that they expect. An experienced website copywriter knows how to attract visitors to your website, engage them and encourage them to take action.

This article explains why hiring a website copywriter or a website copywriting agency is money well spent.

10 reasons to hire a website copywriter

1. We bring fresh eyes and ideas

Businesses often need help to look at their website from the outside. People within the company deeply understand what they offer and how the organisation operates. But, they don't necessarily know how to communicate effectively in writing on their website or through digital content.

A web copywriter will bring a new perspective, and they will look at your website from the point of view of your target audience - the people you want to engage.

2. We can help you identify your target audiences and brand voice

Speaking of target audiences, have you identified yours?

Businesses often come to us with a general idea of their target audience(s), but it needs to be clearly defined. What information does each audience need from you to push them along the sales pipeline? How do they want you to communicate? In a formal tone? With humour? With empathy? What types of content will engage them?

A website copywriter will help you define and understand your audiences using buyer personas and develop a brand voice that speaks to your potential customers using relatable language.

3. We can help you build trust in your brand

Visitors to your website need reassurance that your products or services meet their needs and expectations. Website copywriters use two techniques to achieve this: providing answers to questions and social proof.

Answering customer questions and concerns

Unanswered questions can lead to mistrust and annoyance. A user that can't find the answers they are looking for, and find them quickly, will head into the arms of a competitor.

A web copywriter will work with you to establish all the common questions, concerns and objections your buyers have at every stage of the buyer journey. They will also research online search terms related to your products and services.

More often than not, a seasoned copywriter will uncover questions that you hadn't considered. They will build the answers to these questions into your web pages, making them easy to find and creating a positive user experience.

Social proof

Testimonials can be valuable for building trust but must be chosen wisely. It can be better to have none than to have ones that say nothing about how your service benefitted the customer. You know — the empty comments like, 'Full Height Copy is amazing' or 'Full Height Copy is great to work with'. These statements tell the visitor nothing about why you're a cut above the competition.

A copywriter will seek concise testimonials demonstrating how you helped the customer or why your product is the business. They may also propose interviewing your customers to produce solid written or video-based case studies.

Placement is critical too. A copywriter will know the best places to display social proof on your website for maximum impact.

4. We make your visitors your priority

Think about it. When you visit a website, do you want to: (a) hear 20 reasons why the company or product you're reading about is so amazing, or (b) want to know how the product or service can help you?

I imagine you'd rather go for (b).

Yes, there's a place for sharing your credibility — the 'About Us' page — but most of all, people want to feel as though they are your priority when they visit your website.

A web copywriter will take a visitor-centric approach to writing your website. They will describe product and service benefits instead of reeling off meaningless features and business credentials. The language then automatically moves from 'we' to 'you'. We all like a bit of 'you' language when shopping for products or services.

5. We understand how people read online

Successful websites are designed and written to appeal to well-evidenced common online reading behaviours. You have seconds to grab your reader's attention and a few more to hold their interest.

Digital copywriters have a sound grasp of online writing techniques that will engage your website visitors. They will also work with your web developer to optimise the layout of each page to support online reading preferences.

6. We can keep search engines happy

Your shiny new website will only rank well in organic search engine results pages if it keeps search engines' ever-evolving algorithms happy. Achieving this requires a robust SEO strategy with high-quality content at the heart of it.

An SEO copywriter knows how to write thought-leader quality content and how to optimise each web page to make it search engine-friendly. A website copywriting agency may even have an SEO team who can manage all aspects of your SEO for you.

7. We understand how to convert visitors into buyers

Each page is an opportunity to get your reader to act.

A web copywriter will first engage the reader and then encourage them to take an appropriate consumer action, such as 'Buy Now', 'Read More', 'Contact Us' or 'Like', pushing them along your sales pathway.

8. We understand that global companies need localised websites

Have you ever watched TV commercials when abroad and thought to yourself, who would buy anything with that kind of advertising?

Marketing approaches vary hugely between countries, as does language usage. If you're reaching out to a market in another country, you'd be wise to hire a copywriter that is native to that country. A lot of global organisations get this one wrong. It's not simply about the nuances of language; it's also about getting the cultural meaning right.

9. We're cost-effective

Small businesses and non-profits often tackle their web copy in-house in an effort to save money. If you've got someone in your team who has a way with words, this might work well enough for you, but copywriting is a specialist skill. SEO copywriting is even more so. When you hire a professional copywriter, you're investing in someone who understands the art of commercial writing and can execute highly effective copy quickly.

10. We have useful contacts

Businesses that need a digital copywriter also need a web designer and a developer. They might also need branding, SEO, blogging, PPC, PR, content marketing or social media specialists.

Any well-established web copywriting agency will have these tried and tested contacts. They may even provide some of these additional services in-house.

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