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When companies contact us about our SEO copywriting services, they inevitably have a number of questions. Some want to have a better understanding of the benefits of working with a website copywriter, what's involved, and the cost of packages; others want to know what services we offer and how we operate. This article has the answers.

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How can a SEO copywriter help my business?

As the name suggests, a SEO copywriter specialises in crafting website copy that ranks well in search engines. A skilled and experienced SEO copywriter will be able to help you:

  • Find your brand voice

  • Define your target audience(s)

  • Define and express your unique selling points

  • Understand your place in the online market

  • Look at your business from the customer's point of view

  • Write website copy that appeals to people and search engines

  • Address your target audience's pain points

  • Write content that informs, engages and converts

  • Produce different types of web pages (core pages, product descriptions, landing pages, case studies, portfolios, blog posts, etc.)

  • Structure your website content to improve the user experience.

What services does a SEO copywriting agency offer?

Every agency has its own way of working. Some offer tiered 'off-the-shelf' packages that you purchase via their website; others work with the client to build a service tailored to the company's needs and budget. We offer the latter.

The range of services on offer varies greatly too. Some SEO copywriting agencies write website pages and nothing else. Others offer some or all of the following services:

  • Blog writing

  • Email campaign writing

  • PPC ad writing

  • Social media writing

  • Content marketing: ebooks, downloads, infographics, etc.

Some agencies have evolved to offer wider digital marketing services, such as:

  • SEO management

  • Blog management

  • PPC management

  • Content strategy and planning services

  • Social media management

  • Email marketing

  • Website design and development

  • Graphic design.

Should I hire a SEO copywriter?

In most cases, yes, unless you have an in-house copywriter with a solid understanding of online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). Just as you know your business better than anyone else, a professional SEO copywriter is best placed to write website copy that does what you need it to do. They will also bring a fresh perspective to your site. Businesses often struggle to see their website from an external point of view.

What is involved in the website copywriting process?

Every freelancer and agency has a slightly different process, but it will usually look something like this:

Brief – the service provider will arrange a call or meet you in person to discuss your requirements.

Proposal – the provider will send you a proposal, Ts and Cs and a quote based on your brief and initial discussion. Quotes may be based on a day rate or a fixed project fee.

Project agreement – if you accept the proposal, you will be issued a project agreement. You may also be asked to provide full or partial payment before starting the project.

Information gathering – The writer will need information from you, such as your brand guidelines, buyer personas, competitor details, and the information you want to include on your website pages.

Research and first draft – the writer will spend time understanding your competition, unique selling point and products/services before writing a first draft.

Review and edits – you provide feedback on the first draft, and the writer makes any necessary edits. Most copywriters offer one or two rounds of revisions free of charge, provided the change requests are within the scope of the original brief. Additional modifications are generally charged at an hourly rate.

Sign-off - once you are happy with the copy, the work is signed off as complete. Any change requests after this point are chargeable.

Upload – the copywriter may need access to your website to upload the copy and make SEO adjustments if you have hired them to do so.

How much should I pay for SEO copywriting?

According to the ProCopywriters Survey 2023, the average day rate is £433.

Copywriter day rates according to the Professional Copywriters Network
Copywriter day rates according to the Professional Copywriters Network

Will my web pages get to page one of Google?

While a SEO copywriter can implement on-page SEO to help your web pages rank well in search engines, you will need a finely tuned and well-maintained SEO strategy to become visible in organic search engine results pages.

The job of the website copywriter, or SEO copywriter, is to implement the on-page aspects of your SEO strategy rather than create the strategy. Some web copywriting agencies have SEO strategists within their team; others will either expect the client to provide the strategy or will help the client find a suitable SEO agency to work alongside the copywriting agency.

What SEO copywriting services do you offer?

Full Height Copy specialises in SEO copywriting services.

Website copywriting

Our website copywriting packages support businesses to craft website copy that shares their brand story, persuades new and returning customers and gets found by search engines. We offer one-off projects and retainer services. Learn more >>

Blog writing only

Our blog writing packages are for businesses that have created a blogging strategy and have the in-house resources to manage the publication, monitoring and reporting side of things. You provide the post titles, target keyword(s), and brief; we'll write words that engage and convert. Learn more >>

Strategy and planning

Some businesses have the in-house resources to deliver a strategy and plan but lack the skills and experience to create them. We can provide this service for you. Learn more >>

Blog management

Our blog management services are for businesses that want to outsource all aspects of blogging. We can create your strategy, write and publish your content, and monitor and report on performance too. Learn more >>

SEO management packages

Ramp up your website's visibility with a flexible, tailored SEO management package that delivers month-on-month results. Learn more >>

Access to partner services

We have lots of useful contacts. When you work with us, we will introduce you to our preferred providers for services such as web design and development, PPC management and social media management.

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