CASE STUDY: Blog Writing and Video Script Writing for Brewers

Brewers are the UK's largest independent decorator's merchant and the supplier of choice for industry professionals.

The Brewers marketing team are a busy bunch. They needed a go-to content writer with SEO and industry knowledge to write how-to articles and video content. Brewers chose to partner with Full Height Copy because our founder, Sue, has a background in the industry. Her understanding of the products, processes and health and safety requirements associated with painting and decorating allowed her to write authoritative content with minimal research.

How did we help?

FHC's founder, Sue, has a background in interior design, so she was the lead on this project.

1. Brief

The Brewers marketing team is familiar with the briefing process, so the guidance that they gave us was comprehensive. We asked the odd question here and there to make sure we had a full understanding of the requirements. For the video scripts, it was important for us to have details of the required length in minutes.

2. Research

Before writing anything, we always check that our knowledge of the topic is in line with industry best practices. The Brewers technical team were on hand to help us with any aspects that were difficult to research/check online.

3. Writing

Once we were sure about the details of the process that we were writing about, we wrote the first draft.

Brewers marketing and technical teams cast their eyes over the first draft and either provided us with feedback for amendments or signed the project off. It was always a smooth process, with each team giving their input via a single point of contact.

Read sample blog post: How To Paint Plastic

Sample video script: How To Prepare a Wall for Plastering

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