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We provide two types of blog packages: copywriting only and full-service management. Both services can be fully customised to your needs and budget.

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"Outstanding quality - worth every penny. These guys take a real interest in you and ensure they get to know your company in detail, thoroughly research the topic content for each piece of work and produce flawless copy, every time."

– Yarl Thomas, Ultrimax Coatings

Blog copywriting packages

Our content strategists, writers and editors have honed the package process to be efficient, effective and scalable, bringing you a high return on your investment.

SEO Blog Writing Services

Blog copywriting

For businesses with a busy digital marketing team that needs an extra pair of hands. You provide the post titles, target keyword(s) and brief; we'll write words that engage and convert.

  • Topic suggestions
  • Article planning
  • SEO blog writing in your brand voice
  • Custom feature image
  • 3-stage proofreading and editing process
  • 1 x free round of revisions

We can provide a one-off batch (minimum of 4 x 1000-1500 word posts) or build a bespoke monthly package. Cancel, pause or adjust your package at any time.

Blog management services

Blog management

A comprehensive ‘done-for-you’ blog management package that is designed to deliver true value. 

  • Content strategy and planning – We research your industry and keywords to create a content plan that will attract the right people, provide them with engaging articles, and encourage them to take action at every stage of the buying journey. 
  • Content audit – If you have an existing blog, we will audit your content to identify opportunities for improvement and content gaps. 
  • SEO blog writing – We will research and write in-depth articles that are informative and enjoyable to read. Our writers use best-practice SEO techniques to put your blog pages at the top of organic search engine results pages for your target keywords. 
  • Design work – Eye-catching, custom-designed feature images that fit your brand identity. 
  • Quality control – Our senior editorial team will conduct a three-stage quality control process before publication.
  • Publishing – We take care of upload, on-page optimisation, meta data creation and scheduling. 
  • Analytics – We use our data insights to refine and improve your existing content, garner ideas for new content and identify the best content to repurpose.
  • Cancel, pause or adjust your package at any time.

Need something bespoke?

No problem. Get in touch for a customised quote.

Blogging service examples

Blog writing for Healthcare Service

Castle Health

SECTOR: Healthcare

Lead magnet copywriting, SEO management and blog writing for SaaS


SECTOR: Technology/SaaS

Blog writing and social media content for celebrity interior designer

Kelly Hoppen

SECTOR: Interior design


What are the benefits of business blogging?

How you choose to use your blog will depend on your business goals, but here are some of the many benefits of business blogging:

  • It's great for SEO
  • It drives traffic to your website
  • It gives your business personality
  • Blog posts make great social media content
  • High-quality blogs build trust and credibility
  • People are more likely to buy from you if you blog
  • Blogging can grow a subscriber list
  • You can repurpose blog content

Is blogging right for my business?

If you want to achieve any of the goals described above, blogging is probably a good plan for your business. However, you need to have the resources to invest in the process. That means either building and managing a skilled in-house team to deliver the process or allocating a monthly budget to outsource the work. If you outsource, you will also need to free up a suitable member of your team to be the point of contact for your digital marketing partner. They will need to be available for briefing, reviewing and signing off work and discussing monthly performance.

Will I be tied into a contract?

Some agencies ask for a minimum commitment of 3-6 months; others have a no-commitment guarantee. At Full Height Copy, we think it's counter-productive to tie a client in. Circumstances, requirements and budgets change. We provide services that flex and bend with the needs of our clients.

What is blog management?

Blog management is the process of looking after all aspects of your business blog, which includes activities such as:

  • Developing a strategy, content plan and publishing schedule
  • Researching and writing search engine-optimised blog posts
  • Uploading posts to your website
  • Taking care of technical SEO
  • Keeping older blog content up to date and optimised
  • Monitoring, analysing and reporting on your blog's performance.

How can you write for my business?

We take a strongly strategic approach to writing blog articles. Our writers research your business, sector and keywords to form a content plan that we ask you to approve before we write a word. And rest assured that we have done this before! We always match our clients with a writer who can write knowledgeably about the subject matter and who can adapt their tone to suit the client's brand voice.

Should I hire a blogging agency?

For the majority of businesses, outsourcing blog writing and management is more cost-effective and yields better results than developing in-house resources and competencies. Read 'Should I Hire a Blogging Agency?' for a full discussion of the pros and cons.

How long should blog articles be?

Data and our experience tell us that longer articles generally deliver greater long-term value. For this reason, we write blog articles that are 1000 words+ in length. The optimal word count for a post will depend on a number of factors, including the length of other web pages that rank on page one for your target keyword and the amount of written content needed to cover the target search term in depth.

Do you use AI for your writing?

No. All our writing is composed by seasoned copywriters. We often use AI-powered tools to help us plan our work and improve our workflow, but the strategy and written outputs are always the work of a living, breathing professional.

Learn more about our approach to AI >>

When will we start seeing results?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Depending on whether your website already has a strong presence in search engines, your blog posts should start being indexed by search engines within a few days to a few weeks. Once indexed, and if you are publishing targeted, high-quality content regularly, your blog posts should start to become more visible, and your traffic should continue to grow.

Can't find the answer to your question? Drop us a message. We'll be glad to help.

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