SEO Copywriting Agency FAQs

Sue Davison

June 7, 2024

SEO Copywriting Agency FAQs

Choosing an SEO copywriting agency to work with can be a daunting task. There are plenty to choose from, but identifying the best option for your business takes time and effort. This article is designed to make the process easier. It sets out common questions that prospective clients have when they contact us, plus things to take into account that you may have yet to consider.

What is SEO copywriting vs copywriting?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting is the practice of writing web page content that appeals to humans and search engine algorithms. The end game is twofold:

i) To attract a specific target audience to a website.
ii) To convert website visitors into leads and sales.

On the other hand, a copywriter is solely concerned with the second part of this process –converting website visitors into leads and sales. They are not trained in SEO techniques that help a website rank well in organic search engine results pages.

What does an SEO copywriter do?

A skilled and experienced SEO copywriter will be able to:

  • Define and express your unique selling points.

  • Look at your business from the customer's point of view.

  • Advise on the types of web pages to include on your site.

  • Identify the best keywords to target.

  • Map the identified keywords to specific web pages.

  • Write copy that informs, engages and converts.

  • Optimise web page copy for search engine algorithms.

  • Structure website content to improve the user experience.

  • Advise on website navigation to support the conversion pathway.

  • Work with your web developer to refine the final website design.

What does the SEO copywriting process involve?

Every freelancer and agency has its own way of working, but the process usually looks something like this:

  • Brief – The service provider will arrange a call or meet you in person to discuss your requirements and request information, such as your brand guidelines, buyer personas, competitor details, and the details you want to include on your website pages.

  • Proposal – the provider will send you a proposal, Ts and Cs and a quote based on your brief and initial discussion. Quotations are usually based on a day rate or fixed project fee.

  • Project contract – If you accept the proposal, you will be issued a contract. You may also be asked to provide full or partial payment before starting the project.

  • Planning – The writer will research your competition, position in the market and target keywords. They will then allocate a target keyword to each web page and create web page outlines for you to review before writing commences.

  • Writing – The copywriter drafts each page and sends them to you for feedback. Most copywriters offer one or two rounds of revisions free of charge, provided the change requests are within the scope of the original brief. Additional modifications are generally charged at an hourly rate.

How much do SEO copywriters charge?

Prices vary widely. Some inexperienced freelancers offer services for as low as £15 per hour. At the same time, highly experienced SEO copywriters and agencies can charge upwards of £50 - £100 per hour in the UK. According to the ProCopywriters Survey 2023, the average day rate is £433 for a generic copywriter skilled in SEO copywriting.

Freelance SEO copywriter vs agency

There are benefits to hiring an SEO copywriting agency rather than a freelance SEO copywriter. A freelancer will have the skills to write effective SEO copy, but their skill set usually ends there. An agency often has a team of SEO specialists who can advise on strategy, perform technical and off-page SEO tasks, and write search engine-optimised copy. This full-service approach to SEO management delivers better results for the client. It is also generally more cost-effective and efficient than hiring individual SEO, copywriting and web development services. 

What services does an SEO copywriting agency offer?

An SEO copywriting agency usually offers a broader range of services than a freelance SEO copywriter.

The services on offer vary significantly between providers but may include all or some of the following:

Some agencies offer tiered 'off-the-shelf' packages that you can purchase via their website; others work with the client to build a service tailored to the company's needs and budget.

Will my web pages get to page one of Google?

While an SEO copywriter can implement on-page SEO to help your web pages rank well in search engines, you will need an SEO strategy and month-on-month SEO maintenance work to become visible in organic search engine results pages and maintain a page one spot. These services are outside the remit of a freelance SEO copywriter, but many SEO copywriting agencies offer full-service SEO packages.

BOTTOM LINE: Should I hire an SEO copywriting agency?

Hiring a professional SEO copywriting agency makes great business sense if you have the budget. Just as you know your business better than anyone else, an SEO copywriting agency is best placed to create website content that attracts, engages and converts your target audience. They may also offer other digital marketing services that complement SEO, such as content marketing, email marketing and paid ads. An agency will also bring a fresh perspective to your site. Businesses often struggle to see their website from an external point of view.

What about building an in-house team?

You could, of course, build SEO skills in-house. However, outsourcing is usually more cost-effective and efficient for the following reasons:

  • No recruitment, staff training and employment expenses

  • No need to invest in costly software

  • Workflow is not affected by sickness absence or staff turnover

  • Agencies can accommodate higher workloads as your business grows

  • Agencies use tried and tested systems for increased efficiency and performance

  • You can cancel contracts or scale down with ease.


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