CASE STUDY: SEO, Blog and Social Media Services for Healthcare Clinic

A digital marketing agency asked us to look after all aspects of a client's website SEO, conversion optimisation, blog and social media content. The client wanted to make improvements to the company website that would:

  • Boost their PPC conversion rates
  • Enhance their visibility and click-through rate for local healthcare SEO
  • Turn more website visitors into leads.

How did we help?

Below is an overview of the steps we took to achieve the client's aims. We worked closely with the digital marketing agency's web developer and PPC specialist to deliver the project.

1. Website audit

We conducted an audit and identified that the website would benefit from:

  • Making the content easier to scan and digest
  • Better aligning content with user search intention
  • Implementing best practice local SEO techniques
  • Creating content that answered patient questions
  • Improving the structure and navigation
  • Adding clear calls to action on each page
  • A blog to improve SEO and engage users
  • Strategically placed testimonials to build brand trust.

2. Improvement

We made the identified improvements and also implemented:

  • Blog management (strategy, content creation, monitoring and reporting)
  • A social media content strategy
  • Google Business Profile management
  • SEO maintenance package.

The results

The website changes, blog, Google Business Profile and social media campaign brought a significant increase in quality traffic and a huge increase in goal conversions (calls and email enquiries), allowing the client to set up two new clinics. We also provided local SEO insights that gave the company a clear idea of the appetite for varicose vein treatment in specific geographic locations.


increase in website sessions (PPC).


increase in goal conversions (PPC).


increase in sessions (organic).


increase in conversions (organic).

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